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 +====== The Trac Repository Browser ======
 +The Trac repository browser can be used to browse directories 
 +and specific revisions of files stored in the repository of the configured
 +version control system.
 +Directory entries are displayed in a list with sortable columns. The list 
 +entries can be sorted by //name//, //size// or //age// by clicking on the column
 +headers. The sort order can be reversed by clicking on a given column
 +header again.
 +The browser can be used to navigate through the directory structure 
 +by clicking on the directory names. Clicking on a file name will show
 +the contents of the file. Clicking on the revision number of a file or
 +directory will take you to the TracRevisionLog for that file.
 +Note that there's also a //Revision Log// navigation link that will do
 +the same for the path currently being examined.
 +It's also possible to browse directories or files as they were in history,
 +at any given repository revision. The default behavior is to display the
 +latest revision but another revision number can easily be selected using
 +the //View revision// input field at the top of the page.
 +See also: TracGuide, TracChangeset, FineGrainedPermissions
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