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 +===== Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS =====
 +Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL is a commercially supported distro
 +[[]] that has been around since 1995.
 +Since it's one of the major commercial distros, other commercial
 +vendors, HP, IBM, etc, officially support some of their products with
 +this distro.  Since there are numerous distros, they can only afford
 +to officially support a few.
 +The packages included in an enterprise Linux version have been time
 +tested ("Soak time") rather than being the latest versions.
 +For more information see the link above or see
 +Since RHEL is open source, it is possible to create a distro that
 +contains the same packages but is community supported rather than
 +paying for a support contract from Red Hat.  Some companies using
 +Linux want garanteed support contracts and are willing to pay for
 +CentOS [[]] is a community supported version of RHEL.
 +Since there are no license fees, you can have all the development
 +machines you want without paying any license fees to Red Hat.
 +One of the project goals of CentOS is to NOT fork from RHEL. 
 +Therefore, bugs found in CentOS and any fixes are fed back to Red
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