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 +====== OCLUG Promotional Materials ======
 +===== Our Brochure =====
 +  |{{:handout-2007-04.png}}| Like all clubs we are the sum of our members talents and aspirations.  Having new people coming out to meetings and participating in the mailing lists and live chat sessions is the life blood of our organization.  We have come up with some materials to help you promote OCLUG to your friends and co-workers.\\\
 +\\\ This is a tri-fold, double-sided brochure you can print out and give to people, or make available to people who may want to pick it up.  Bruce at Computer Books For Less has put copies into all of the Linux newbie books at his store. Let's do our best to get the word out about OCLUG!|
 +**To download materials below, click their names and on the next page under "Download in other formats," click "Original format."**
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