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 +Attending ¶
 +Bart, Ian, MCR, Lisa.
 +Old business:
 +ACTION: Bart to add, twitter, facebook links to web site.
 +ACTION: advertise the two streams as two columns.
 +MCR ACTION: call for speakers drafted, has to wait for site to go live.
 +John ACTION: find out about lunch.
 +Bart ACTION: close loop with Telfer and conference group.
 +ACTION: Asking other groups in Ottawa to come out. 
 +        (PCLUG,​MACLUG,​EngSoc?,​JavaUsersGroup?​) ​
 +ACTION: mysql nightly dump. (IAN)
 +ACTION: MCR to put together gantt chart for
 +ACTION: Ian to redo mysql password and PHP include.
 +ACTION: Ian to add ID on "​location",​ "​date",​ "​title"​.
 +ACTION: bart to update SVG/logo on twitter/​facebook/​
 +ACTION: Ian to fix logo -- blue bird.
 +Date/​Location confirmation
 +Date: April 29, 2011. 8:30am to 17:00.
 +Location: DMS 1130, 1150, 1160.
 +Decisions about speakers
 +Registration form
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