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  • Bart, Lisa, John, Ian, MCR

Payment options

We will be accepting payment on the web site. We need to decide how exactly, and determine how much it will cost us.

  • moneris (OCS plugin available)
  • paypal (builtin to OCS) - (yes)
  • north star solutions (?)

What to do with the money if there is some

  • repeat next year
  • swag wishlist (with prices) + lead times
  • bring speakers (?) maybe too late


  • 50-65


  • April 29. (relatively firm) john is working on it
  • MBA dept connection?
  • Contact speakers to book schedule (confirm date, but ask them to not pay anything yets)

Social Networking

  • bart has created twitter+identica
  • create facebook group (mcr)

To do

  • use twitter to build followers
  • launch website with some basic content
  • contact volunteers (lisa) soon
  • Announce that conference exists
  • ask if someone would like to speak
  • guidelines wrt streams “business/management” + “technical”
  • aim for volunteer get-together early Dec.

Site content

  • divide into streams
  • sell two different
  • cross-stream (into) talks < 30 mins
    • sell it to your manager
    • what managers need to know technically

IT people at UofO

  • Trevor is excited (sent a form to John)

Networking the conf

  • Pierre Fortier? edu gigapop (mcr)
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