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 +====== Invites to Ottawa Technical Groups ======
 +Official site: [[http://​|IPv6]]
 +[[:​OttawaIPv6Summit2011|<<<​ back to the top]]
 +This is a list of the technical groups in Ottawa that we're trying to reach out to, and invite to the IPv6 Summit. ​ Wherever possible, we tried to contact the group organizer before emailing the group.
 +|**Group**|**Emailed Organizer?​**|**Received Response?​**|**Invited Group?​**|**Reminder Sent?**|
 +|Club Linux Gatineau|yes|no|no|no|
 +|OPCUG - Ottawa PC Users' Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|MUGOO - Macintosh User Group of Ottawa|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|OWSUG - Ottawa'​s Windows Server User Group|yes|no|no|no|
 +|!EngSoc - Carleton Engineering Society|yes|no|no|no|
 +|CCSS - Carleton Computer Science Society|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|uOttawa Engineering Society|yes|yes|no|yes|
 +|Ottawa Perl Mongers|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|The Ottawa Python Authors Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa PHP Users Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|OGRE - Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|OOUG - Ottawa Oracle Users Group|yes|no|no|no|
 +|OCUUG - Ottawa-Carleton Unix Users Group|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa .NET community|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa Android|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa VMUG - VMware User Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa Mod LAB|yes|no|yes|yes|
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