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 +====== Invites to Ottawa Technical Groups ======
 +Official site: [[|IPv6]]
 +[[:OttawaIPv6Summit2011|<<< back to the top]]
 +This is a list of the technical groups in Ottawa that we're trying to reach out to, and invite to the IPv6 Summit.  Wherever possible, we tried to contact the group organizer before emailing the group.
 +|**Group**|**Emailed Organizer?**|**Received Response?**|**Invited Group?**|**Reminder Sent?**|
 +|Club Linux Gatineau|yes|no|no|no|
 +|OPCUG - Ottawa PC Users' Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|MUGOO - Macintosh User Group of Ottawa|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|OWSUG - Ottawa's Windows Server User Group|yes|no|no|no|
 +|!EngSoc - Carleton Engineering Society|yes|no|no|no|
 +|CCSS - Carleton Computer Science Society|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|uOttawa Engineering Society|yes|yes|no|yes|
 +|Ottawa Perl Mongers|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|The Ottawa Python Authors Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa PHP Users Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|OGRE - Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|OOUG - Ottawa Oracle Users Group|yes|no|no|no|
 +|OCUUG - Ottawa-Carleton Unix Users Group|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa .NET community|yes|no|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa Android|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa VMUG - VMware User Group|yes|yes|yes|yes|
 +|Ottawa Mod LAB|yes|no|yes|yes|
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