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 ===== September ===== ===== September =====
 +Sept 4 online meeting.
 +John Nash led a discussion of Managing Photo Collections.
 +Slides: {{ :wiki:presentations:2020:photomanage-linuxottawa202009jn.odp |}}
 +Perl program to convert all jpegs in a directory into a captioned HTML file using
 +the comments in jpeg files as the captions, then upload to server with download
 +options indicated.{{ |}}
 +Python program (still under development) to comment and rename jpeg files. A project that was used to learn Python::tkinter programming.{{ |}}
 +Note that Dokuwiki prevents upload of .py or .pl files, so I've zipped them.
 ===== October ===== ===== October =====
 ===== November ===== ===== November =====
 +John Nash will present a short literature review. Slides of "A Linux perspective on the literature of Electronic Election Systems" are {{ :wiki:presentations:2020:linuxottawa20201105.odp |here}}
 ===== December ===== ===== December =====
 ===Scripting Night=== ===Scripting Night===
 +We had a number of presentations tonight.We also had about 18 people attending if the attendee count was accurate. There was a lot of interaction and discussion as the various topics were presented.
 +  * Scott Murphy presented a short overview of what scripting is and a discussion on resources to assist in scripting {{ :wiki:presentations:2020:20201203-scott.pdf |here}}
 +  * John Nash presented a {{ :wiki:presentations:2020:linuxottawa20201203.pdf |short talk}} on using scanners with Linux and how to deal with some challenges that have recently arisen by scripting a solution
 +  * Tug Williams presented an entertaining comparison regarding the utility of git vs. subversion and how bash + svn = git for sufficiently specific usage cases, in particular for offline development work.
 +  * Ian Gorman presented a short testing script for a specialized client server architecture
 +  * Peter Sjoberg presented a script that leaned heavily on the dialog command.
 +  * Richard Guy Briggs presented a script used to manipulate his photo and video collection
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