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GNU Lilypond and GPS in Linux

June Meeting: GNU Lilypond and GPS in Linux

Date: June 3, 2010 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room T117

GNU Lilypond

Speaker: Boris Shingarov

In this talk, Boris will present his work on GNU Lilypond – an open-source music engraving system – in a publisher-grade context. For the first time, Lilypond is used to typeset a top-quality, definitive academic critical edition, to be printed by a world's leading classical music publishing house. Boris will talk about:

  • A brief introduction to GNU Lilypond;
  • Comparison to proprietary music typesetting systems;
  • Specific needs of top-quality academic editions;
  • Difficulties in using Lilypond for serious publication work (what was making Lilypond not publisher-grade);
  • Dynamics of relationship between the open-source development community and real-life users: what makes it difficult for a real user to get what they need for their work, from the community; the role of a solution vendor; factors impeding contributions upstream to the community;
  • Lessons learned;
  • Future work.

GPS in Linux

Speaker: Eric Brackenbury

Accessing GPS information using tools such as tangoGPS.

Eric hopes to start a lively and informative discussion on the current state of Linux GPS applications.

If you have information, gadgets, and general knowledge, bring them along for the round table.

Remember to start with the basics so everyone can benefit from the discussion.

About the Speaker

Small business computing for manufacturing retail purposes. Now moving to Linux for the last two years.

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