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Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process

August Tutorial: Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process

Date: August 21, 2008 at 7 p.m.
Location: TheCodeFactory, 246 Queen St., 2nd floor

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Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process

Speaker: Bart Trojanowski

The Linux Kernel Walkthrough sessions aim to give OCLUG members, and visitors, a guided tour of the Linux kernel. The meetings start with the MC, Bart Trojanowski, giving an overview of the topic, followed by a free form reading of the sources. Participants are encouraged to take lead of the event and steer the direction of the adventure.

This months kernel walkthrough topic will be “booting”. Bart will start with a brief overview of PC hardware and software involved in bringing up a Linux system. He will then walk through what the Linux kernel does before the user is greeted by a login prompt.

Bart hopes that this meeting will attract people of different levels of knowledge and different areas of expertise, with individuals taking the floor to answer questions in their area of the kernel.

About the Speaker

Bart Trojanowski is a Linux kernel hacker, currently self employed working for clients seeking Linux development and consulting services ( When not hacking Linux drivers and embedded systems, he enjoys playing with his two kids.

See for more info.

Finding the Meeting Location

About TheCodeFactory

TheCodeFactory is a collaborative co-working space dedicated to software start-ups and the ecosystem that supports them in the Ottawa area. The facility is located at 246 Queen Street, between Bank and Kent, on the second floor, entrance just to the left of the Green Papaya when facing the building. You can think of theCodeFactory as a clubhouse for start-ups or

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