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Linux at White Wind Zen Community, Nokia Linux PDAs and Cell Phone Integration

January Meeting: Linux at White Wind Zen Community, Nokia Linux PDAs and Cell Phone Integration

Date: January 8, 2008 at 7 p.m.
Location: Algonquin College (Woodroffe Campus), room T117

Transition of a Charitable Organization from Proprietary to Open Source Software

The Experiences of White Wind Zen Community, Ottawa, Ontario

This presentation will profile the computer and IT usage and support characteristics at Dainen-ji, also known as the Zen Centre of Ottawa, the training monastery of White Wind Zen Community; and the transition from proprietary to Open Source Software. The usage characteristics will include types of services such as e-mail, messaging, archiving, files-sharing, printing, multimedia editing and web-hosting; and support characteristics will include hardware maintenance, software license management, anti-spam and anti-virus controls, user data backup and restore, and system re-imaging and build times.

White Wind Zen Community

About the Speaker

Ven. Chunen Rampal provides Computing and IT support at the Zen Centre of Ottawa. He is always searching for ways to provide access to the Teachings of Zen Master Anzan Hoshin using non-proprietary formats, and increase reliability for the end-users.

Nokia 770

Integrating Nokia Linux based PDAs (Nokia 770 in my case) with cell phones

Speaker: Dmitriy Korovkin

  • GnomeVFS - a library which provides universal access to a wide range of devices including Bluetooth cellphones.
  • Kartoteka - an address book application. It allows you to manage your contacts database and import/export them to/from your cell phone. Uses ObexPutter. Derived from Contacts developed by OpenHand, but Kartoteka is more (and more) Maemo integrated.
  • ObexPutter - a program that sends files to other bluetooth devices by using OBEX Object Push Profile.
  • Cell Phone Tool - a program that let's you dial your bluetooth cell phone, send sms messages, etc. This software has it's roots in Phone Link, but now it has many differences.

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