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 +**Gary Jones**
 +A photographer for over 35 years, Gary Jones started playing with Gimp in 1996, shortly after its release as Open Source software. Learning the basics of PhotoShop the year before, making the transition to Gimp was relatively easy. In the later 90's, Gary used Gimp a lot for creating the graphics for websites. In the early 2000s, and his transition over entirely to Linux, he dropped PhotoShop completely. His digital camera work has been processed entirely with Gimp and Open Source graphics programs. 
 +"Despite adding a lot more tools over the years, Gimp has stayed consistent to its original design, with few major changes in tool layout, making it very easy to learn program upgrades."
 +Gary currently teaches several classes in digital photography at SPAO (School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa) where he uses Gimp in demonstrations of post-production photo editing. This fall, he is hoping to offer a full 11 week course in Gimp at SPAO.
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