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 +(19:20:56) mcr: hi.
 +(19:22:04) bjb: biab - should be back before 19:30
 +(19:22:15) oclug [[]] entered the room.
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 +(19:24:30) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm.
 +(19:26:17) nashjc [[]] entered the room.
 +(19:26:46) nashjc left the room (quit: ).
 +(19:27:28) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA:
 +(19:27:53) nashjc [[]] entered the room.
 +(19:29:26) nashjc: Anyone here?
 +(19:29:29) mcr: hi.
 +(19:30:26) bjb: I'm back
 +(19:30:45) mcr: <- please edit., add items.
 +(19:30:52) maggi [[]] entered the room.
 +(19:31:06) mode (+o nashjc) by mcr
 +(19:31:10) mode (+o maggi) by mcr
 +(19:31:33) mcr: maggi: did Tyler recover from his cold?
 +(19:31:46) mcr: wardi: you awake?
 +(19:32:12) mcr: rj_ren: hello?
 +(19:32:12) rj_ren: hi - anna says where is everyone?  We have a fridge full of food.  :-)
 +(19:32:24) mcr: (just trying to make the everyone's screen beep)
 +(19:32:31) ttidman [[]] entered the room.
 +(19:32:34) maggi: he is still feeling poopie, but he is coming
 +(19:32:52) ttidman: hello
 +(19:34:00) nashjc: Sorry I went to get a drink. And I have no idea how to operate channel
 +(19:34:08) mcr: that's okay, I'll operate the channel!
 +(19:34:09) bjb: "address new items" is listed twice in OclugBoardAgenda
 +(19:34:30) mcr: if we are all here, let's start.
 +(19:34:32) bjb: I'd like to add "reimburse Carback"
 +(19:34:46) mcr: Ian hasn't spoken up yet.
 +(19:34:46) bjb: I'm about to copy his receipts to tux
 +(19:35:55) mcr: what's a Carback? is that Aleks' associate?
 +(19:36:09) bjb: yes
 +(19:36:21) mcr:    * March 2008: put up announcement re: Algonquin College Programming Olympics prize and open wiki page for student questions
 +(19:36:21) mcr:     * March 2008: announce to Monitor and other press that OCLUG will give 2nd annual prize
 +(19:36:21) mcr:     * April 2008: - monthly meeting room scheduling for May, June, July, August
 +(19:36:21) mcr:     * April 2008: order Ubuntu LTS CDs
 +(19:36:21) mcr:     * April 2008: Reserve site at Vincent Massey Park for LitW
 +(19:36:25) bjb: I sent his email to board-members
 +(19:36:42) bjb: but not the receipts because they include copies of his credit card statement
 +(19:36:43) mcr: we didn't approve the minutes of 2007!
 +(19:36:56) wardi: sorry I'm late
 +(19:37:08) ***wardi distracted by bbq rib steak
 +(19:37:23) mcr: okay, LET'S START!
 +(19:37:34) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #1 - Approval of the Agenda!
 +(19:37:47) nashjc: I've no additions
 +(19:37:52) maggi: mcr, you recording the minutes?
 +(19:37:55) mcr: yes!
 +(19:38:04) maggi: awesome
 +(19:38:13) bjb: Did you add the "reimburse Carback" item to the agenda?
 +(19:38:21) mcr: oh, i have an item- decide upon roles for new board!
 +(19:38:31) ttidman: bjb: that item is there now, yes
 +(19:39:45) nashjc: Approve agenda?
 +(19:39:52) maggi: i approve
 +(19:39:53) bjb: approved
 +(19:39:56) mcr: I noticed the entry on the main page with the wiki/ticket changes. Neat.
 +(19:40:11) ttidman: ditto, approved
 +(19:40:23) rj_ren: approve
 +(19:40:27) wardi: approve
 +(19:40:51) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #2 - Approval of the minutes of March 2008.
 +(19:40:58) mcr: any edits?
 +(19:41:14) mcr:
 +(19:41:32) mcr: I wonder if there is a way to lock pages in trac.
 +(19:41:45) wardi: there is
 +(19:41:56) ttidman: mcr: or at least get the commit id :)
 +(19:42:25) wardi: if you're admin you should see something down at the bottom
 +(19:42:39) bjb: You could indent the list items under new items
 +(19:42:49) bjb: they're not all indented
 +(19:43:04) mcr: other than the #31?
 +(19:43:34) bjb: reimburse Carback?
 +(19:43:42) mcr: sorry?
 +(19:43:48) bjb: should be indented?
 +(19:43:59) mcr: are you looking at the March minutes?
 +(19:44:02) bjb: along with #31
 +(19:44:11) bjb: No, I'm looking at the agenda
 +(19:44:17) bjb: Maybe it's caching
 +(19:44:42) bjb: Still not indented.  Whatever
 +(19:45:05) mcr: see now.
 +(19:45:19) bjb: great!  thanks!
 +(19:45:32) mcr: blank line after the display causes the indent to reset.
 +(19:45:51) bjb: ah
 +(19:46:09) mcr: okay, so again, any changes to last month's minutes?
 +(19:46:20) maggi: none from me
 +(19:46:23) nashjc: none
 +(19:46:27) bjb: no
 +(19:46:50) ***wardi wasn't there
 +(19:47:02) ttidman: mcr: no changes for last month's
 +(19:48:18) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #3 - review forward agenda.
 +(19:48:24) mcr: minutes passed.
 +(19:48:36) mcr:
 +(19:48:43) mcr: please add stuff now!
 +(19:48:48) bjb: no changes to forward agenda from me
 +(19:49:01) mcr: I think that we should move the approve the minutes of 2007 when we get the audit report/finance report.
 +(19:49:24) bjb: agree
 +(19:49:26) nashjc: This should go on the main meeting agenda
 +(19:49:30) mcr: I propose: May 2008: Approve 2007 AGM minutes, and table financial report.
 +(19:49:42) mcr: (if we are ready!)
 +(19:49:43) nashjc: OK to mcr suggestion
 +(19:49:47) wardi: ok here
 +(19:49:56) maggi: richard hagemeyer said he would have the audit done soon... I will follow up with him.
 +(19:50:06) nashjc: I met Richard at Algonquin Research Day and he implied he was essentially ready
 +(19:50:10) maggi: he also said the room is booked through till august
 +(19:50:14) rj_ren: good point.  i agree we approve after getting financial report
 +(19:50:31) nashjc: next item?
 +(19:50:52) mcr: btw: it's a review, because Richard isn't a CPA :-)
 +(19:51:03) mcr: anything else to add to forward agenda?
 +(19:51:07) mcr: August? September? 2009?
 +(19:51:11) ttidman: he's apparently getting lots of help reviewing it so no worries
 +(19:51:35) maggi: mcr, you referring to the booking of the room?
 +(19:51:49) mcr: anything! 
 +(19:51:50) ttidman: item for may 2008, some LiTW promotion perhaps?
 +(19:52:09) nashjc: Yes. LiTW is important to promote -- also to organize!
 +(19:52:25) maggi: i will take on the organization again this year.
 +(19:52:33) mcr: can we get LitW into our monitor ad, and also into the OLS agenda?
 +(19:52:42) ttidman: i will also be voluntold to help with litw as well
 +(19:52:50) mcr: there is an item later on about LiTW.
 +(19:52:56) maggi: ok
 +(19:53:01) mcr: anything else for the forward agenda?
 +(19:53:04) mcr: going once!
 +(19:53:06) maggi: none here
 +(19:53:20) ttidman: nothing else comes to mind now
 +(19:53:23) nashjc: next item?
 +(19:53:37) mcr: old-business: Programming Olympics.
 +(19:53:50) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #4 - programming olympics
 +(19:54:33) nashjc: Do we have a page set up for this year so our members can volunteer?
 +(19:54:40) nashjc: I don't see one.
 +(19:54:54) maggi: speaking to richard he said there is not much we need to do until the day of the event... we need decide what the criteria is for our selection of a winner
 +(19:54:56) mcr: ?? I don't know where it is.
 +(19:55:04) ttidman:
 +(19:55:05) maggi: so i need some skilled people to be there to hlep with tht decision
 +(19:55:24) nashjc: Also a checklist / scoring sheet.
 +(19:56:13) bjb: We could add a pointer to the ProgrammingOlympics2008 page from the Programming Olympics announcement
 +(19:56:20) mcr: I suggest that we strong-arm some people to volunteer.
 +(19:56:37) mcr: can each person here suggest another person that should be persuaded to help?
 +(19:57:13) ***wardi blends in with the scenery
 +(19:57:14) nashjc: suggest P Suwalski if we can get him to come
 +(19:57:15) bjb: Wisq
 +(19:57:43) ttidman: i couldn't find the start and end time for the prog. olympics on their web page
 +(19:58:17) mcr: wardi: you need to suggest some one else, not yourself!
 +(19:58:27) wardi: yeah, I can't think of anyone
 +(19:58:37) bjb: bartman
 +(19:58:44) ***bjb suggests a second person to cover for wardi
 +(19:58:53) ttidman: bjb: bartman won't be available
 +(19:58:54) ***wardi nods to bjb
 +(19:59:11) bjb: oh well ... ondrechak?
 +(19:59:12) mcr: brb. 1 sec.
 +(19:59:29) bjb: haven't seen him in a while
 +(19:59:51) ttidman: dave0/Dave O'Neill?
 +(20:00:07) mcr: my list: Richard Lessard, Don Kelley.
 +(20:00:38) maggi: how many people do we really need to be there to judge?
 +(20:00:51) maggi: how many were last year?
 +(20:00:57) wardi: also to help out teams that need it, right?
 +(20:01:10) bjb: Last year they had 4 rooms with 3 or 4 teams in each room - each team needed someone to evaluate its entry
 +(20:01:11) maggi: no, we are not allowed to help them out
 +(20:01:11) mcr: we need three.
 +(20:01:28) mcr: so please ask the people you just volunteered...
 +(20:01:42) mcr: back in 1 min.
 +(20:02:36) bjb: Oops, the announcement is about projects, not about programming olympics.  Can we have more than one announcement on the front page at a time?
 +(20:02:47) bjb: s/projects/project funding/
 +(20:03:01) mcr: back. found PJ top!
 +(20:03:16) bjb: Great, now mcr has clothes on ;-)
 +(20:03:26) mcr: it was not for me :-)
 +(20:03:28) mcr: I'm still naked.
 +(20:03:40) bjb: aaaah!  tmi!
 +(20:03:41) ttidman: will someone please second michael putting his pj's on
 +(20:03:45) wardi: well, that put me off my steak
 +(20:04:03) mcr: anything else on this topic?
 +(20:04:09) mcr: who has the vanity checque?
 +(20:04:22) wardi: me
 +(20:04:33) wardi:
 +(20:04:56) mcr: who is bringing the vanity checque?
 +(20:05:20) maggi: if ian brings it to the next meeting, i can bring it to the event
 +(20:05:25) wardi: works for me
 +(20:05:36) nashjc: We may want to check the cheque -- as I recall the markers didn't erase as they should.
 +(20:05:45) wardi: vim worked
 +(20:05:48) mcr: photographs?
 +(20:06:00) mcr: vim vanity-check.tex
 +(20:06:08) nashjc: bjb: did you have camera last year?
 +(20:06:10) ttidman: mcr: i'll have my camera with me that day :)
 +(20:06:23) bjb: I have a film camera
 +(20:06:24) bjb: still
 +(20:06:34) bjb: I did take some pictures
 +(20:06:41) mcr: I also have a still camera. But it's digital.
 +(20:07:04) mcr: anything else?
 +(20:07:29) maggi: no
 +(20:07:47) wardi: is it a single 1000.00 prize?
 +(20:07:52) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #5 - LiTW 2008
 +(20:08:09) maggi: I have not started a wiki page, but I will.
 +(20:08:15) maggi: i will book the site this week.
 +(20:08:44) mcr: I thought it was $500!
 +(20:08:59) mcr:
 +(20:09:33) ***wardi too
 +(20:09:35) maggi: mrc $500??
 +(20:09:39) mcr: date for LiTW is July 27?
 +(20:10:16) maggi: that is the sunday?
 +(20:10:20) bjb: ok for me (July 27).  July 27 is the Sunday after OLS
 +(20:10:21) mcr: I think so.
 +(20:10:31) maggi: sounds good
 +(20:10:56) rj_ren: yes. jul 27 is the sunday after ols
 +(20:11:04) maggi: date is good for me
 +(20:11:12) ttidman:
 +(20:11:19) ttidman: that date is good, yes
 +(20:12:00) mcr: wow OLS looks really good!
 +(20:12:00) nashjc:  2008 Linux Symposium, Ottawa, Canada July 23rd - 26th, 2008 -- on site
 +(20:12:00) wardi: how about adding a link to OLS from oclug?
 +(20:12:33) mcr: who wants to coordinate with AJH?
 +(20:12:35) bjb: I like the idea of adding the link to OLS from OCLUG.  An announcement too?
 +(20:12:48) wardi: bjb: yeah
 +(20:13:35) wardi: I could coordinate with ajh
 +(20:14:10) wardi: but I need his email
 +(20:14:19) ttidman:
 +(20:14:35) mcr: also cc: 
 +(20:15:09) wardi: about litw?
 +(20:15:21) mcr: yeah, since RGB will likely be coordinating the "Hackers Bike Ride"
 +(20:15:26) wardi: right
 +(20:15:34) mcr: so he'll have to get info into AJH too.
 +(20:15:39) ***mcr might go to OLS this year.
 +(20:16:01) mcr: previous years, we have spent about $150 on food.
 +(20:16:05) nashjc: Check the rates -- you may have about 3 hours to save several $100s
 +(20:16:11) wardi: who knows where it will be next year
 +(20:16:15) mcr: I think that has been consistent. 
 +(20:16:43) wardi: well, conress centre will be under construction
 +(20:16:45) mcr: i have until the end of tomorrow, I think.
 +(20:16:56) nashjc: Says 15th April 
 +(20:17:01) wardi: and they were taking a survey about alternate cities last year
 +(20:17:15) nashjc: In fact "Before April 15" ??
 +(20:17:56) mcr: the web page says April 16 now.
 +(20:18:03) mcr: I just paid :-)
 +(20:19:13) nashjc: Sorry was only looking at FAQ since I've not got a login.
 +(20:19:21) mcr: have we approved the budget of $150 for food?
 +(20:19:39) bjb: I approve $150 +/- 10% for food
 +(20:19:43) nashjc: Motion: Budget of $250 for LiTW total.
 +(20:19:59) mcr: seconded.
 +(20:20:14) bjb: Ok I guess ...
 +(20:20:21) mcr: there is the park fee.
 +(20:20:34) mcr: they don't like us tying stuff to trees.
 +(20:20:36) maggi: $50
 +(20:20:41) ttidman: litw2007:  park rental cost $50, food cost $168.83
 +(20:21:00) mcr: do we want to find someone with a bbq/food tent thing?
 +(20:21:01) ttidman:
 +(20:21:04) nashjc: I figured $250 gives a small bit of room
 +(20:21:17) maggi: i don't think we can put up any structure at all
 +(20:21:17) wardi: yeah, there will be ols-folk
 +(20:21:36) mcr: nothing attached to the trees. Other people have put up those walk-in tents.
 +(20:21:42) mcr: they are free-standing.
 +(20:21:54) bjb: They don't like us to "build structures" either
 +(20:22:07) mcr: really. so will they refund us if it rains then?
 +(20:22:14) bjb: I doubt it
 +(20:22:26) nashjc: It may be worth considering other venues
 +(20:22:31) bjb: I think they'll give you a lecture on what "outdoors" means instead
 +(20:22:44) ttidman: nashjc: there aren't many available
 +(20:23:19) nashjc: Have we ever considered the park on Range Road by Rideau. It's on bike path.
 +(20:23:31) mcr: google map?
 +(20:24:32) mcr: other suggestions?
 +(20:24:33) nashjc: Strathcona Park -- put "Laurier and Range, Ottawa" in
 +(20:25:00) bjb: We could also ask rgb
 +(20:25:13) bjb: he might have suggestions based on what's convenient for hacker bike ride(s)
 +(20:25:19) mcr:,+Ottawa&jsv=107&sll=45.392128,-75.745677&sspn=0.010669,0.011888&ie=UTF8&ll=45.426453,-75.671124&spn=0.010662,0.011888&z=16
 +(20:25:40) mcr: okay, so tyler: will you talk to RGB about that then?>
 +(20:26:03) ttidman: mcr: sure, i can do that
 +(20:26:20) mcr: anything else right now about the picnic?
 +(20:26:26) mcr: activities to have?
 +(20:26:51) ttidman: we have the left-over incidental items from last year's litw at our place... napkins, cutlery, etc.
 +(20:27:04) bjb: Are we giving away live linux cd's?
 +(20:27:16) mcr: oops, we forgot to add that to the agenda.
 +(20:27:22) mcr: I'll put that at the end?
 +(20:27:37) ttidman: bjb: we were planning to have Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS disks on-hand there
 +(20:28:11) ttidman: i am planning to order those in 9 or so days (as soon as they're up on their store)
 +(20:28:37) ttidman:
 +(20:28:44) mcr: okay, next item?
 +(20:29:07) maggi: yes
 +(20:29:17) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #6 - open tickets
 +(20:29:38) mcr:
 +(20:29:53) mcr: hmm. that's not about gmane, is it?
 +(20:29:57) bjb: What about the Carback item?
 +(20:30:02) mcr: ah, yes.
 +(20:30:11) bjb: Carback has submitted his expenses
 +(20:30:19) bjb: I put them on tux at /home/board/private
 +(20:30:21) mcr: bjb: read the agenda.
 +(20:30:37) mcr: is item #26 still open?
 +(20:30:42) mcr: ACTION: wardi to contact gmane about including -linux list #26
 +(20:30:46) mcr:  ACTION: maggi to contact NCF about using logo on our site
 +(20:30:48) wardi: not done
 +(20:30:52) wardi: (#26)
 +(20:30:55) mcr: how about that one?
 +(20:31:53) maggi: mrc, that is ticket 30 and not done
 +(20:31:54) bjb: So, ... we're skipping the Carback item entirely then?
 +(20:31:56) ttidman: mcr: contact ncf item not done, daniel at ncf has promised me he will get back to me (probably) this week
 +(20:32:54) mcr: I notice that ttidman and maggi have no tux account.
 +(20:32:59) mcr: and I wasn't in board group.
 +(20:33:30) ttidman: mcr: we should rewind by one agenda item
 +(20:33:38) maggi: ttidman: also need to be added to the board mail groups
 +(20:33:49) mcr: okay, I must have added it in different orders in the minutes vs the agenda page.
 +(20:34:37) mcr: board-members:,,,
 +(20:34:48) mcr: missing Roland and John!
 +(20:35:04) ttidman: mcr: please
 +(20:35:45) mcr: what's roland's email?
 +(20:35:52) mcr: proceed to carback item!
 +(20:35:57) rj_ren:
 +(20:36:06) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #7 - carback reimbursement.
 +(20:36:23) bjb: ... Carback says he's missing a receipt, but the expense is listed on his statement.
 +(20:36:39) bjb: bottom line:  By my count, the total comes to  161.35 with and  128.81 without the NY gas
 +(20:36:44) bjb: station
 +(20:36:48) bjb: I haven't added it yet myself
 +(20:36:55) bjb: maggi, can you see the receipts?
 +(20:37:05) mcr: maggi can't, she has no tux account yet.
 +(20:37:26) mcr: I can make one for tyler easily, since I probably have his public keys?
 +(20:37:32) bjb: Well ... 
 +(20:37:45) bjb: I suppose I can show maggi the receipts from my laptop in the next meeting
 +(20:38:05) mcr: I looked at receipts. What is the total?
 +(20:38:06) bjb: I'd like to reimburse Carback for the NY gas as well as everything else
 +(20:38:08) ttidman: mcr: i'll make a new key tomorrow
 +(20:38:11) mcr: ok.
 +(20:38:22) bjb: quote from Carback's letter:  "By my count, the total comes to  161.35 with and  128.81 without the NY gas"
 +(20:38:32) bjb: I haven't verified, but will get to it
 +(20:38:47) ttidman: bjb: can we get a hard copy of the receipts to appease the gods of audit?
 +(20:38:56) bjb: We can ask
 +(20:38:59) mcr: let's go with paying the NY gas.
 +(20:39:12) wardi: yeah
 +(20:39:17) mcr: photocopy + USPO.
 +(20:39:23) bjb: To what mailing address should they be sent?
 +(20:39:29) bjb: USPO?
 +(20:39:33) rj_ren: I think we should give carback $161.35.  Why punish him because he lost a receipt?
 +(20:40:03) mcr: to the OCLUG address is on Fifth avenue. c/o Randall Levitt.
 +(20:40:05) nashjc: mcr: FYI: I just tried and no joy.  Should I send new key, or is there a way to see old pub key
 +(20:40:05) mcr: I don't have it handy.
 +(20:40:48) mcr: ssh-rsa AAAAB3...AiYg2E= nashjc@local-rsa
 +(20:40:49) mcr: and
 +(20:40:58) mcr: ssh-dss AAAAB3Nza....B08YQ3+PQE8 john@JNTWRU
 +(20:41:15) mcr: USPO - US Post Office.
 +(20:41:40) mcr:
 +(20:41:43) mcr: has address on it.
 +(20:41:56) mcr: any objects to 161?
 +(20:42:14) maggi: nope
 +(20:42:17) wardi: no
 +(20:42:41) mcr has changed the topic to: MEETING tonight: 7:30 - 9pm. AGENDA: ITEM #8 - roles for new board members
 +(20:43:03) maggi: i would like to keep the treasurer position, if the is okay with all.
 +(20:43:14) mcr: nashjc: those ssh-* were your keys from tux, btw.
 +(20:43:28) mcr: all in favour of maggi of treasurer?
 +(20:43:37) wardi: yup
 +(20:43:47) wardi: I'll take a title this year in exchange for someone else taking speaker-coordinator role :-)
 +(20:43:49) rj_ren: sure
 +(20:43:50) mcr: i would like to remain as secretary, but this year, I'll promise to take the membership list over from Brenda.
 +(20:44:18) rj_ren: if someone wants to be VP, i'll let them.
 +(20:44:21) mcr: so, wardi is VP, and Roland is speaker coordinator?
 +(20:44:47) wardi: works for me, rj_ren?
 +(20:45:11) rj_ren: umm, i don't have too many contacts but if people will help suggest...
 +(20:45:34) wardi: that's how it worked when I was doing it.
 +(20:45:39) nashjc: I'm happy to continue as MC of meeting, but is nobody else wanting Pres?
 +(20:45:46) wardi: mcr is a font of contacts
 +(20:46:03) nashjc: I'm also willing to help with speakers, esp. as I come off sabbatical.
 +(20:46:20) rj_ren: i think john has been a good pres.  he can continue as far as I'm concerned.
 +(20:46:24) mcr: Actually, I'm a Helvetica!
 +(20:46:30) ttidman: rj_ren: agreed
 +(20:46:42) maggi: i second that
 +(20:46:53) wardi: rj_ren: 3rded
 +(20:47:06) mcr:
 +(20:47:28) mcr: <code>
 +(20:47:28) mcr:   maggi: treasurer.
 +(20:47:28) mcr:   mcr: secretary.
 +(20:47:28) mcr:   wardi: vp
 +(20:47:28) mcr:   roland: speaker coordinator
 +(20:47:28) mcr:   nashjc: present
 +(20:47:28) mcr:   ttidman: open
 +(20:47:28) mcr: </code>
 +(20:47:39) mcr: okay, next?
 +(20:47:53) mcr: speakers for June, and August.
 +(20:47:55) mcr: we had: 
 +(20:48:00) mcr: <code>
 +(20:48:00) mcr:    Jean Francois - Opera. (June?)
 +(20:48:00) mcr:    Herb Hartwig - IPv6.   (June?)
 +(20:48:00) mcr: </code>
 +(20:48:30) wardi: I haven't contacted them yet
 +(20:48:40) mcr: okay. any other ideas?
 +(20:48:43) wardi: they had volunteered, right rj_ren ?
 +(20:48:53) mcr: what kind of things do we *WANT* to hear about in the next year?
 +(20:48:55) ttidman: mcr: i'd still like to hear that neuros/politics talk
 +(20:49:04) rj_ren: yes, they volunteered but didn't give specific dates
 +(20:49:07) mcr: ttidman: that's May, dude!
 +(20:49:14) ttidman: mcr: awesome
 +(20:49:25) mcr: we could have filled the entire 2 hours though...
 +(20:49:25) ***wardi is totally there
 +(20:49:37) ttidman: mcr: part 2 in july?
 +(20:49:40) wardi: come back another time
 +(20:50:23) mcr: okay, so let's move on.
 +(20:50:36) mcr: Ubuntu CD order.
 +(20:51:25) ttidman: pending release of hardy heron in... 9 days
 +(20:51:37) wardi: but I want it *now*
 +(20:51:50) nashjc: Off topic (fonts): My press is the Adana Flatbed in the Briar Press museum -- I sold it to them.
 +(20:51:51) ttidman: wardi:
 +(20:51:54) mcr: is there a release party in Ottawa?
 +(20:52:11) wardi: ttidman: yeah, running it at the moment
 +(20:52:18) nashjc: After this winter, Ottawa has Hardy Herons
 +(20:52:31) mcr: Meaghan's running it on my T43 right now too.
 +(20:52:42) mcr: and I do mean, "right now"
 +(20:52:52) mcr: we are a dualing laptop family now.... 
 +(20:53:12) mcr: so, how many CDs did we plan to buy?>
 +(20:53:18) mcr: I think we still want to get 25 to the OPL?
 +(20:53:44) ttidman: mcr: 40 for OPL, "a bunch" for OCLUG
 +(20:54:05) mcr: are we selling them?>
 +(20:54:07) ttidman: there are 33 branches of the OPL
 +(20:54:29) mcr: are we giving one per person, donation suggested, and a second CD for $4, or something?
 +(20:54:36) wardi: I still vote we give them out (if we're taking donations at the same time)
 +(20:54:39) ttidman: i'm not keen on the idea of selling the cds
 +(20:54:55) mcr: I'm in favour of limiting it to 1 per person though.
 +(20:54:57) maggi: just limit the number they can get
 +(20:55:06) ttidman: yes, limit them
 +(20:55:07) mcr: if they want a second, why not make money on it?
 +(20:55:23) mcr: we won't get them for the May meeting, unless we can pre-order them.
 +(20:55:31) nashjc: Problem may be issue of sales tax
 +(20:55:36) mcr: I sent an email yesterday to some canonical person I found.
 +(20:55:41) bjb: We could auction them off
 +(20:55:46) bjb: if demand is high
 +(20:55:56) mcr: sales tax? we don't do more than $50K, so as a non-profit, we can opt-out of GST calculations.
 +(20:56:03) mcr: PST... I dunno. 
 +(20:56:06) ttidman: mcr: if we could get them by the end of may, that would give us copies on hand for the prog. olympics
 +(20:56:26) ttidman: we should definitely have them by litw though
 +(20:56:26) mcr: yes, so getting them by May 24 is the goal, and we'd give them out by June.
 +(20:56:47) mcr: I'd like to recoup 50% of our costs for the CDs, so that we can go and order more!
 +(20:57:07) rj_ren: mcr: sounds reasonable
 +(20:57:25) ttidman: most of the folks at the meetings are already running linux though so...
 +(20:57:48) bjb: If we're giving most of them to the library free, won't it be hard to recoup costs on the remain few
 +(20:57:51) bjb: ?
 +(20:58:04) mcr: what do the CDs cost Tyler?
 +(20:58:29) ttidman: mcr: i thought they worked out to euro1.50 or thereabouts
 +(20:58:41) ttidman: i haven't looked in a while
 +(20:58:41) bjb: I've tried adding the Carback receipts.
 +(20:58:51) bjb: Gas only adds to 161.35 as he said
 +(20:59:17) wardi: euros are expensive these days :-(
 +(20:59:26) bjb: add in a couple of food items (statement only though, but we did see the guy at Chances R with our own eyes) it's $190.58
 +(20:59:33) nashjc: Not as much as Euros were though!
 +(20:59:51) mcr: so,  around 2.40CDN for a CD.
 +(21:00:01) mcr: 240 for 100.
 +(21:00:11) mcr: we have 60 left over.
 +(21:00:12) bjb: I wouldn't mind reimbursing him for the food expenses too (22.10 Chances R + 7.13 Taco Bell)
 +(21:00:35) wardi: sounds ok to me
 +(21:00:47) nashjc: Ok to Carback expenses inc. food
 +(21:00:56) mcr: if there are 30 people at the meeting, then we have 30 left over. If we sell those at $4 each, that's $120.
 +(21:00:59) rj_ren: bjb: ok with me
 +(21:01:04) mcr: that's 50% recoup right there.
 +(21:01:12) mcr: I've left none for the Programming Olympics.
 +(21:01:41) mcr: so, I suggest we get $300 worth of CDs.
 +(21:01:58) ttidman: sorry, looks like the cds will be (before shipping and taxes and taxes on the shipping and so on) 0.825 GBP each
 +(21:03:00) mcr: that's 1.815CDN, if GBP is 2.2.
 +(21:03:06) mcr: I think it's lower now.
 +(21:03:25) mcr: motion: that we buy $300 of CDs.
 +(21:03:33) mcr: including shipping and taxes.
 +(21:03:36) nashjc: GBP is <2.04 at Accu-rate
 +(21:03:55) wardi: similar on
 +(21:04:06) mcr: is there a seconder for my motion?
 +(21:04:11) wardi: I second
 +(21:04:31) bjb: I third the motion to buy $300 of CDs
 +(21:04:39) ttidman: mcr: should i try to finangle some source cds too?
 +(21:05:03) nashjc: OK on 300
 +(21:05:07) mcr: I don't think so --- it's not generally worth it, and anyone who wants source can usually download it, and burn it, or just not burn it.
 +(21:05:11) bjb: I'm not keen on getting source CDs
 +(21:05:18) rj_ren: $300 of cds ok with me
 +(21:05:38) mcr: tyler? maggi?
 +(21:05:56) maggi: good with me
 +(21:06:00) ttidman: aye, $300 of cds, after shipping and taxes
 +(21:06:15) mcr: I move to adjourn!
 +(21:06:23) maggi: second
 +(21:06:27) wardi: what of the 1000.00 prize?
 +(21:06:40) mcr: good question. I understand the prize was 500.
 +(21:06:40) nashjc: ? $500 prize
 +(21:06:41) bjb: Can we have a full vote on Carback's full expenses?
 +(21:06:43) wardi: when was that amount decided?
 +(21:06:46) maggi: it is $500 
 +(21:06:46) ttidman: LiTW wiki page ready...
 +(21:06:50) mcr: okay, two items left:
 +(21:07:01) mcr: size of ProgOlympics prize.
 +(21:07:10) rj_ren: bjb: carback full expenses.  i vote yes
 +(21:07:11) maggi: last year was $500
 +(21:07:12) mcr: revise Carback expenses to include food.
 +(21:07:22) wardi: bjb: full expenses, yes
 +(21:07:28) maggi: i vote yes to carback expenses
 +(21:07:38) nashjc: I already said yes
 +(21:07:52) ttidman: i concur, yes to carback
 +(21:07:57) mcr: concur.
 +(21:08:11) mcr: next item: size of prize.
 +(21:08:15) bjb: Ok ... so for carback I guess I have to get a paper submission from him and then we write him a cheque?
 +(21:08:31) maggi: bjb: yes please
 +(21:08:37) bjb: ok, thanks
 +(21:08:55) mcr: where did the 1000 idea come from?
 +(21:09:01) wardi: it was nice to have an out-of-town speaker
 +(21:09:12) wardi:
 +(21:09:40) mcr: so, just from the wiki page?
 +(21:09:48) mcr: I'm sure that we never discussed that at a meeting.
 +(21:09:52) mcr: (that I was at)
 +(21:09:54) wardi: I just noticed that and thought I'd missed something
 +(21:10:15) nashjc: Suggest we stick with $500 we gave last year.
 +(21:10:28) ttidman:
 +(21:10:53) mcr: any objections to sticking to $500 as we did last year?
 +(21:10:59) wardi: no
 +(21:11:02) ttidman: no objection, $500 is good
 +(21:11:03) maggi: no
 +(21:11:05) rj_ren: agree we stick with $500 unless someone has good reason to increase.
 +(21:11:09) wardi: ttidman: the change before that
 +(21:11:19) ttidman: wardi: yes,
 +(21:11:45) mcr: I move to adjourne.
 +(21:12:03) mcr: but, without the e.
 +(21:12:05) nashjc: ok to adjourn
 +(21:12:06) wardi: I'll fix the page
 +(21:12:07) rj_ren: adjourn ok with me
 +(21:12:09) mcr: I'll donate the e to creat(2).
 +(21:12:25) ttidman: agreed, adjourn
 +(21:12:26) wardi: but.. but.. posix
 +(21:12:35) nashjc: Vote of thanks to bjb?
 +(21:12:43) mcr: THANK YOU BRENDA!
 +(21:12:44) wardi: huge vote of thanks
 +(21:12:52) ttidman: definitely... thanks brenda
 +(21:12:56) rj_ren: yes many thanks to brenda for all your help!
 +(21:12:57) ttidman: awesome job as usual
 +(21:13:20) maggi: yes, thanks bjb
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