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 === Meeting Agenda === === Meeting Agenda ===
 +The video conference from last month seemed to go well, so we will try again this month.
 +We will go with jitsi again, and the talk will be about spinning up a jitsi server using a disposable cloud service for the server, hopefully with a demo one being spun up so we can potentially change over to the second one as a functional test. The URL and code words will be emailed around 18:30 so there is a potential for some social time prior to getting started.
 +Similar to last time, your output video and audio will be disabled when you join. In order to make sure the experience is a reasonable one for all involved, the presenter will share their screen-window-whatever they are comfortable with and you will see it quite clearly.
 +There is a chat window, but when it is active it obscures part of the screen. Feel free to post questions and as opportunity presents itself and the presenter notices, they will get answered. Just in case they are ignored for too long, there will be an appointed chat moderator, so if the questions start piling up, they can unmute and interrupt the presenter in order to answer the questions. After the presentation is completed, feel free to unmute and have a normal voice/video Q&A.
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