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AGM agenda outline

Pres. Rob Echlin called meeting to order at 19:05 and members introduced themselves with a comment on their favourite software.

Quorum Yes? 20 people as of 19:20

Approve minutes of last AGM

Moved J Nash, Sec. Scott Murphy, nem con.

1) Financial report

6307.04$ balance, Income 1333.05, M. K. will send text file to include???

2) Annual report

Meetings were held every month, with caveats:

  1. July meeting was “Linux in the Wild”, our annual picnic with family invited.
  2. In September we had a game day instead of a regular meeting.

Special events were:

  1. IPv6 Summit - April 29
  2. Leavitt Memorial Seminar - June 21

Attendance at meetings seemed to be down from previous years.

3) Future of OCLUG

Wind-up of OCLUG off the table

Discussion of possibilities.

  1. preference for downtown
  2. smaller meetings / earlier (MK)
  3. attracting professionals based on location (RD)
  4. issue of business versus individuals
  5. Location committee: Brenda, Rob, Denise

Algonquin forum - Mike & Korey - Others willing to help

Festival of open source groups / showcase (RE) - Committe: RE, MK, Brenda, Scott, Pedro, Ian

Using money to promote open source events - bringing in speakers - BB – bug squashing party - LPI exam volunteers at open source weekend - other ideas

Small group sessionsfor new Linux users - Meet at various locations around Ottawa? - work with student groups? - Committee: Eric, John, Ian, Pedro, Aaron, J-F.M.

Invite to submit more ideas.

4) Election

Standing for board: - Aaron - Scott - Rob - Mike - RGB - Ian

6 Board Members by acclamation. - Moved JN, seconded Eric

5) New business

- Beer SIG location tonight. - Linux List woes (Aaron) - J-F Messier suggested hosted solution given woes with Tux

motion to adjourn Ian, sec. Eric.

Adjourned at 20:50.

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