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 +OCLUG Draft AGM minutes for 2010-4-01
 +Please add notes if there are corrections i.e., don't replace material, but put in something like "[[:Query:|should this not be ....]]"
 +The AGM was called to order after an interesting and popular
 +talk on USB booting by Jean-Francois Messier.
 +Richard Guy Briggs gave a short obituary of one of our founding
 +members, Randal Leavitt, who died March 14 after a long fight with
 +cancer. There was general concensus to the suggestion that OCLUG
 +should establish some sort of activity/prize as a memorial to
 +Margaret Tidman presented a brief financial report (attachments to this page). She also read Richard Hagerman's review, which
 +concluded that the financial statements fairly report our situation and
 +money activities.
 +There were six candidates for the new board:
 +     * Eric Brackenbury
 +     * Mike Kenzie
 +     * Lisa Lovchik
 +     * John Nash
 +     * Roland Renaud
 +     * John Sabastien Taylor 
 +As per our constitution and bylaws, further nominations were invited from
 +the floor. There were none, and Margaret Tidman moved, seconded J-F Messier,
 +that nominations be closed. Passed nem con.
 +The candidates above were therefore acclaimed.
 +Eric Brackenbury, seconded by John Nash, moved a vote of thanks to outgoing
 +board members, namely Margaret Tidman, Tyler Tidman and Ian Ward. This was
 +passed nem con with applause.
 +The "hat" was passed and $37.56 collected.
 +Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 and followed by a discussion of diskless Linux
 +led by Roland Renaud.
 +(Minutes transcribed by John Nash, 2010-407)
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